Day 10 of 30

Woo hoo! The goal of 30 in 30 seemed impossible when I started, but I feel like I am learning and progressing in my own way. Some of the paintings have been in process and I needed the impetus to finish them, so I haven't actually started and finished those in one day! I asked a teacher once how does one know if a painting is complete. She said to me, " if you ask that question,  it is not." Committing to this challenge pushes me to quickly finish. However, when I set it aside and in days after, often I see things I would do differently or perhaps will return to and revise. So, ultimately I am learning and finishing paintings!
This painting is oil and cold wax and has a lot of texture creeping through. It is one I started and put aside a while back. I'm still not sure if it has more to come. Time will tell!
Secrets of the Heart
12" x 12"
Oil on Cradled Ampersand