Day 30 of 30

Well, I made it with a few hours to spare!!!!
The last of the 30 day challenge seemed daunting today, as if I really didn't know which of my series I wanted to work with, or was it time to start something completely new. I have so new ideas of what I want to do a series of, and not sure, some say 10 is a series, some say 50. Monet did hundreds of water lilies. Well, I am not sure how I would handle a hundred windows, or doors or skylines. But it gives one things to think about in this world of too much to think about all ready! Thirty days of painting just makes me want to take time every day to do this. Taking time out for the important things of course, like loving and holding grandchildren, which I am lucky to get to do often!!! And children, and sisters and brothers. Honoring friends and loved ones. Ok, I ramble.
Here it is. My last of the 30! What fun this has been!
he End of the Day
11" x 15"
Mixed Media on Paper