The MAC: Something Old, Something New, Something Funky, Something Blue: "A Complicated Relationship"

Every year, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary holds a membership show and each member is allowed to enter one painting in the month long show. The theme varies and this year, it is Something Old, Something New, Something Funky, Something Blue. The reception will be June 26 from 6-8 pm. Come and join the festivities if you are in the Dallas area!

My entry was painted quickly, with wild abandon and nonsense on my trip to North Carolina. Plein air in which one uses the view as a springboard was the goal.  Yet, my dominant left brain was running rampant and tight, struggling to recreate exactly what I saw. Quite an impossible task to bring the excitement and fresh look to the painting when trying so hard to reconstruct what the eyes see. Finally getting into the zone,  we experimented with abstraction, color and value. It was an amazing and enlightening experience, enhanced by the new friends I met.

Important lesson: paint what you feel, not what you see! Seeing is important, but see with your heart and not just your eyes. Each stroke is important because of what came before and what comes next. So many lessons. So little time!

A Complicated Relationship
11" x 11"
Oil and Graphite on Paper