Day 15 of 30 - Sept 15

Today marks the half-way point of the 30 paintings in 30 days. This is a great exercise for me. I learn from doing, from re-doing, and from others.  It makes me plan for the next painting and it makes me keep several going in case I get really stumped, which I do often!

Texture was the start of this painting. I had a strip of the mesh, cheesecloth like fabric left from another painting and embedded it on the bottom strip of the panel. Many layers of oil and wax later, it seemed too much for the size of the painting, so I picked the fabric off, in pieces at this point. This was a pleasant surprise as it left an interesting texture of its own. I often work in a grid like format, not necessarily planned, it just happens. I was a high school math teacher, I loved teaching graphs, I still love grid paper, and I love the feel of not making it perfectly aligned. 

Floppy Grid
Oil and Wax on Panel