Day 20 of 30 - Sept 20

Although I do like color, I really love neutrals. I went for a walk yesterday and was mesmerized looking at the variations and striations in the concrete and asphalt. We have a lot of that in Dallas, no pine trees, rambling streams, or majestic mountains to look at like other places I love to visit, so I tend to look more at my feet! But even the stains and marks combined with textures and other minutia are intriguing. Old crumbly buildings and deteriorating surfaces have the same appeal. When I started painting, I did not know what to paint. I sometimes used other peoples photos because I was so used to looking but not seeing. I am working on this! Seeing and feeling the place! 
There is so much that can be read into things that are falling apart. There is still an innate beauty. If you see a crumbly, scraggly looking place, please send me a photo!!! Have a good day!

Peeking Through
Oil and Wax on Panel