Day 7 of 30 - Sept 7

Off the Grid had its beginnings with many layers of oil mixed with cold wax. It becomes a mindless, easy job. It is mesmerizing to fold and blend a small amount of wax into a small dollop of oil paint out of the tube. Then, it is like icing a birthday cake. The texture is creamy and easily spread with a spatula or palette knife. I usually do several layers with different often contrasting colors on several panels at the same time.  This is the reason you often see the same colors appear in more than one painting. The panels wait in various stages of wetness over the days, some become almost dry before the next stage. Next the difficult, but fun part begins - peeling, scraping, and manipulating through the layers to create something. Adding and subtracting. In this case, I added line work at the end to create interesting textures and to create grids. These are small studies, 8" x 8".
My next challenge will be to go large, really large! 
Have a good day, especially if its your birthday!

Off the Grid
8" x 8"
Oil and Wax on Panel