Day 3 of 30 - Imagination - January 3

Artist Kathy Elliott  #oilandcoldwax # abstractart
5" x 5"
Oil and Cold Wax on Paper

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

I like this quote. Often my imagination hits a wall and all I can think about is getting from A to B.
This is my third study this week. Logically, they are studies. But if I just imagine they can grow up and become a larger painting, then I think I have a road map will allow my imagination to kick in!

The past week I have been preparing for a show. Many of the pieces have grown up from the previous 30 in 30 challenges in 2014! Well, they actually just filled out as some of us do as we grow up. But mostly, they were brought to a finish after hanging on the wall and me looking at them for many days. When I finish framing, I will post a photo of the work that I will deliver for the Forney Art Council at the Crumbzz Tasting Pavilion, a delightful bistro to have breakfast, brunch or their wonderful Crumbzz cake that they famous for! (They do ship!) More later!