Day 12 of 30 - Sept 12

Yesterday, I posted a painting aptly named Sleep Deprivation. Today, I have toned the crazies down and created a place of restful tranquility. The ups and downs of life can definitely affect your creativity and how you tell the story on the canvas. Calm after a storm makes it easier to arrive at a resting point in the painting, just like it does in life.

In painting, I resort to subtle colors, softer shapes and flowing line work. I am less likely to continue adding layers of paint and cold wax and scraping deeper. It is as if the painting is saying, stop, be still, listen. It isn't always that easy in life. But maybe visualizing those same thoughts is a start, combined with lots of love and gratitude. Wishing everyone a calm place today!
A Calm Place
Oil and Wax on Cradled Panel