Day 4 of 30 - Cabin Fever - January 4

Oil and Cold Wax, Cabin Fever, Artist Kathy Elliott  #oilandcoldwax # abstractart
Cabin Fever
8" x 8"
Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
This painting started out as one from the previous 30 in 30 challenge. It just didn't feel right, and I kept playing with it and adding more lines and more layers of paint. The oil and wax sets up nicely so you can to continue to modify it because is still pliable even after a couple of months of drying, Sharp tools or sticks allow you to scrape into the colors underneath. I discovered a cobalt color deep down in there. Sometimes I try to keep track of all the colors I add, but then it just gets too mundane to write in all down. Especially since I may have several going at the same time and so as not to waste paint, it is fun to just smear in onto another painting. Often as it dries, colors mingle and become something totally unexpected.  The yellow is a new one for me, Alizarin Yellow, very transparent and rich. It was a dark and dreary week here with rain and no sunshine until yesterday. So I have named this Cabin Fever! But also, I believe I see a window deep in the woods in there somewhere, and just maybe there is a cozy cabin with a warm fire and a pot of coffee brewing!

From the previous post: this was the previous life of Cabin Fever!