Day 17 of 30 - Cerulean and Quin Gold Study- January 17

Cerulean and Quin Gold
8" x 8"
Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas 

When I was younger I remember colors names, like hot pink, or sky blue, or amethyst.
When I hear those words, I envision the color in my head. Perhaps this is similar to walking into the house and smelling chocolate chip cookies baking. Kind of a sensory thing you feel, smell or see if the memory is triggered. I love the colors of turquoise, and teal and cerulean. I can tell an artist friend the color of the sky today was Cerulean and they know exactly what I mean, even if they would argue and say it was more like ultramarine and white. Blues are my calm place, they make me feel alive and free. I love to add other colors with them, but the blues have it! This is just a playful study and I called it Cerulean but I know most would disagree and say it is more turquoise, but thats ok. I like the way Cerulean rolls off the tongue and today I will pretend it is Cerulean!