Painting with Greys

I see a lot of articles about painting with greys these days. I have been playing with them myself. Grey is more than what I used to think of as grey, halfway between black and white. Grey may be warm or cool, or it may lean towards a hue, such as a blue grey or a reddish grey. Grey may just mean   neutralized. In this painting I limited myself to mixing with three colors, black, white, and Gamblin Torrit Grey. Torrit Grey is an interesting color made out of what is left in the bottom of the barrels. Gamblin actually gives this away with purchase each year and it is not ever the same because of what goes into it. (That's kind of how I cook!)

  • 2 Blacks - Gamblin Chromatic leaning slightly towards blue, and Mars Black,
  • 3 Whites -Titanium White-opaque, Zinc white-more transparent and Flake White Replacement 
  • 1 Grey - Gamblin Torrit Grey 

Runaway Greys
11" x 14"
Oil and Cold Wax on Cradled Panel