Day 30 of 30 -Sept 30

Alpha to Omega! Finis'! Conclusion! However, it is just the beginning. The first time I did the challenge in January 2014, I felt relief when it was over, but I was proud to have completed the goal. This time, I feel as if I have just opened the door, or window. I have more ideas and loftier ideals! Who knows, next time I may paint bigger! Or ban the color blue - oh my! Thank you, Leslie, for hosting this challenge! Thank you to my fellow artist friends for sharing your paintings, techniques, and kind words of support and encouragement. You have opened my eyes, and I do hate good byes! So for now, I will just do a Happy Dance!!! Thank goodness I don't live in a glass house!

Collage of the thirty paintings - Sept. 2014

The Happy Dance
Oil and Wax on Panel

Day 29 of 30 - Sept 29

Today is the 29th day of the 30 day challenge. It was a learning experience on so many levels. For one, I now have a backlog of things I want to do but ran out of days!
This painting started with layers of darks including Asphaltum, a rich dark brown/black. It reminds me of wear and tear over time to most objects, including humans! This is also one I will continue as a series. I am enjoying the strong dark and light contrasts without much color.

Weathered and Worn
Oil and Wax on Panel

From previous post:

Night Watch

Day 28 of 30 - Sept 28

Painting in a series is good practice. It is an easy segue from one painting to another and leaves lots of room for experimentation and play. This 30 day challenge has opened my mind for several new series for me I am excited to continue. This painting is part of the Gridlock series, yes I now have a name for it, and can't wait to get more birds-eye photos of traffic patterns and jams! Of course while a passenger only or watching the morning traffic reports!

Looking for Red Lights
Oil and Wax on Panel
From Previous Posts
The Missing Piece

Off the Grid

Day 27 of 30 - Sept 27

Good Vibrations. This painting started with many layers of blues, you can see how they have poked through if you zoom in. It was the panel I put my leftover blues on. Next, I started spreading on my leftover reds. Again since it is oil and wax, the layers are not dry so continue to interact for a while. It was a start of something that I kept coming back to and deciding I wasn't ready to change. Yesterday, I decided to call it finished! It is small enough to hang in an innocuous place to give that pop of color!
Looking for a title this morning I thought of how the reds and turquoise blues vibrate off of each other. And now that old Beachboy's song is stuck in my head! Have a good day!

Good Vibrations
Oil and Wax on Panel