Day 23 and 24 of 30 - Opening Act - January 25

Opening Act
28" x 22"
Mixed Media on Paper

I have been traveling so I got a little behind this last week. I will continue to do 30 paintings however not this month!
This one is another playful study using heavily textured paper with gesso and matte medium, many layers of paint, many lives as usual, and then covering up with neutrals, and finding hidden images.

Day 19 and 20 of 30 - January 19 and January 20

The City Beneath the Sea
"30" x 30"
Mixed Media on Paper

I'm posting this painting today as a substitute in the challenge. I have had trouble posting to challenge this week, it seems like the site is so slow loading that it times out for me. Plus, I am at a workshop so painting in larger formats and will have finish a bit more before I post them.
This painting is in a juried show at Denton this month, VAST-125. It has many layers of acrylic, plus lines in everything imaginable from graphite to pastel.

Between Friends

Entering a show with a painting is always a bit intimidating. To be accepted is always an prize in itself! I was honored to receive an award for Best of Show with "Between Friends" at Texas Visual Arts Association (TVAA). The painting was in the show Driven to Abstraction at The Plaza of Americas in their gallery at the lobby level during the month of September. They have wonderful revolving shows every month. If you haven't checked this out, you should!
Click here Texas Visual Art Association
Between Friends
11" x 14"
Mixed Media on Panel
people in

Day 13 of 30 - Sept 13

This painting has at least 9 lives! It began as a canvas with a torn dark intaglio print collaged on the surface. Next muted acrylic was added, but just a tad. This was followed by stages of scrubbing with alcohol, layers of burnt sienna, scraping, covering with titan buff, aqua touches, antiquing, etc. And in between stages it was often taken back to the studs so to speak. At this point it will rest; it reminds me of a well worn comfy pair of Khakis.

Saturday is a Khaki kind of day. Have a good one! 
When You Wear Khaki, You Can Do Whatever You Choose
12" x 12"
Mixed Media on Cradled Canvas

Day 10 of 30 - Sept 10

I have been experimenting with color, or better stated, more color than usual for me.
My tendency is to use subtle value changes and neutralized colors. Blues are my go-to favorites, as you can obviously tell.
This small painting started with many dark layers. Then I collaged a small misshapen square of handmade paper on the surface. Adding and subtracting paint and line work, I eventually scraped much of the paint off the paper and then smoothed yellows and golds over a grid.
Some of the remaining colors were much darker, but blending cold wax and solvent over the surface left a blue violet mixture. There is actually a 3D effect going on since the paper was so thick.
Let the Sunshine In
Mixed Media on Cradled Panel