Day 14 of 30 - Sept 14

I have read when people are asked their favorite color, the answer most often is BLUE. There are many emotions associated with blue. Sometimes it depends on the shade such as ice blue, royal blue, baby blue, sky blue, midnight blue, aqua blue, etc.
Blue symbolizes freedom and new beginnings. Blue skies seem to indicate optimism. Blue is powerful, protective, calming, faithful...... Or blue represents sadness and melancholy. I can feel all of those emotions with blue depending on the blue, or the day! I love blue!

The first layers were created with shades of red, followed by neutral buff and off -whites and of course, blues! As the oil paint and wax started to dry, I used a metal comb and made line work over the entire surface. After turning it every which way, I decided it was too busy, so next I began whittling some shapes with my palette knife, and either scraping back or adding more paint. Lastly, I added some carved lines to further define some shapes, while leaving a good portion of the original marks made with the comb. I like the texture made with the comb but think it would be better suited to a large painting.

My Blue Place
Oil and Wax on Panel