Day 8 of 30 - Sept 8

On this piece, I made a fresh start on an Ampersand panel, with no thought in mind, which may not be a good thing! It is unlike some that have had as many as five lives. Commonly, I think they are where I want them so I let them hang out for a day (sometimes longer than a day). I often decide they need tweaking. Finishing one painting a day doesn't give me a lot of time to change my mind, which may be a good thing!

I like to start with a really vibrant strong color as a first layer, and I believe this one was Quin Magenta. There were probably at least 5 other colors that were added because they show up when you scrape back into them. The cold wax medium allows one the time to modify, make marks, and create lines or textures. The surface dries a bit faster than just oil paint, but it is still pliable.

Monday is usually the day I contemplate what I have done in the past week.  Nothing is precious and unfortunately, sometimes I will even give up something in a piece that I just love, even if it was just one square inch of the whole painting. I will scrape it back to nothing and start again, or maybe add more layers if it is wax, and it it is acrylic, I may scrub it with alcohol.
For now, I will let this one hang out.
I just love the process!

I'm Not Singing the Monday Blues
8" x 8"
Oil and Wax on Panel

On a Calm Day

Texture is the main element used in this painting. Starting with a gessoed canvas and adding light modeling paste, the surface was then molded, flattened and twisted to create lots of valleys and ridges. After all had dried, I mixed my paints and started blending lightly on the surface. Some of the ridges took the paint differently, creating shadows and soft shapes. I decided to let the texture be the road map, and this is where it took me. Often it is hard to know when a painting is finished. That is an often asked question in classes and workshops. And more often than not the artist will reply something to the tune of "you will know when the painting is finished." I felt like this one was saying..... "STEP away from the painting!" I wish they were all this cooperative!
On a Calm Day
20" x 20"
Acrylic on Canvas