Day 6 of 30 - Shaped and Cityscapes - January 6

Artist Kathy Elliott  #oilandcoldwax # abstractart
Shapes and Cityscapes
5" x 5"
Oil, Cold Wax and Ink on Paper
I am thinking that painting fast and furious to complete a painting each day is not working with my life these days! I am happier with the finished product (if I can call it finished!) when I have time to layer and let it dry somewhat, then go back in. I feel somewhat more content when it is one I have had time to ponder and rework after days or months even.  For now, I will work on some studies. The studies are on paper and not precious, so I can play a bit more and not feel like it needs a purpose or a finish. I am also finding freedom in being able to let go of some, like actually throw them away! Ah, what a release! My declutter and simplify motto for the new year!

The start of these 5" x 5" squares was basically cleaning my utensils, wiping excess paint onto the paper. It is a challenge to bring each to some sort of composition. I see a lot of figures and shapes, but then I see structures as well. A curious question arises as to whether it is good to combine these. I will ponder and I am sure modify this one. It cannot be half and half for sure, one must dominate!