Day 28 of 30 - Study 4 - January 29
Study 4
12" x 9"
Acrylic on Paper
The last section of the larger painting is shown here. I have an app called Value Viewer I like to use when I think a painting is almost to the point of stopping before I go too far, as in add too much or totally paint over and start again. Value Viewer lets you view the image in several ways including Notan - just black and white, grey scale, or modified values. The slider allows you to modify the values somewhat. I use it mostly to see if I have a good balance of lights and darks and if your eye follows these areas to keep you inside the painting. You can do some of these same things with your camera with the Black and white or sepia options. That is my next step with these four paintings and I will post those tomorrow.

Day 18 of 30 - Study in Rhapsody - January 18

Kathy Elliott Art
Study in Rhapsody
12" x 9 "
Acrylic on 100 pound paper

There is nothing too precious about this process, but I like what I see happening . And the name means  nothing.... just a study using my favorite blues and others!

I really have been painting every day, but nothing to completion. We celebrated Ella's first birthday and how fun that was! In the meantime, I also delivered 34 small pieces for the two person show at the Crumbzz in Forney. I can't wait to see the show hung, but had to leave town for a workshop in the morning, which is like an artist retreat! Life is good!
I just decided to post one of my studies I am doing in a class I am taking. We start with really wet paint and cover the page. Then we quickly go into the paint with a graphite stick and make marks. Next, using another piece of paper, we lift the wet paint. Step two is to cover some of the paint and marks with transparent, opaque or translucent paint and create layers and depth. It is so much fun, I started two new canvases with this method and will finish when I return next week.