Day 25 of 30 - Sept 25

One of my teachers taught a way to decide if a painting is working is to take a small viewfinder and move it around the painting to see if each part works. Often I discover a section I like that may or may not end up in that particular painting, but it becomes the springboard as an idea for a new one. That is how this was born. Layers of color and wax. Lines and more color. And more lines, almost geometric. This one I will also deconstruct to see if there is another small section to enlarge for the next canvas. Have a good Thursday!
Looking In
Oil and Wax on Cradled Panel

Day 22 of 30 - Sept 22

Although I moan about living in a big city with a lot of concrete, I am still enamored with the skyline, whether it be day or night. Again playing with the luscious oil and wax mixture, I played back and forth with layers of color, scraping, making marks and adding more color.

Today I attended an art reception for Southwest Watercolor Society. I felt honored to have a work in the show, especially when I saw the show and the competition. It is humbling for sure!
Have a good day1
Downtown Blues
Oil and Wax on Panel

Day 17 of 30 - Sept 17

Making Marks. I am learning that the marks I make are my own vocabulary. Sometimes they are soft and swishing, and sometimes they are straight and narrow, or thick, or broken. They change with the music I listen to or what is in my heart or on my mind at that moment in time. I have learned to recognize my marks as one recognizes ones handwriting. All in all, at the end of the day, I love making marks. When I started a life drawing class three years ago, I had fewer marks in my vocabulary. I notice as I learn more about the figure and with practice, the lines in my figures are similar to those in my abstracts. And my vocabulary is growing. It is hard for me to not use marks. It is like some people cannot talk without their hands!
Oil and wax is especially fun to make marks in because you can draw with anything sharp or dull and carve through the buttery layers and you never know what will surface. Even after it dries, the layers yield surprises!
Turning Blue
10" x 10"
Oil and Wax on Cradled Panel

Day 11 of 30 - Sept 11

One of  the difficult parts of painting is finding an appropriate name for the piece! Some artists plan ahead and name the painting first, which guides them in the creative process. I envy those who can do that!

However, this painting speaks to me as Sleep Deprivation. There are hidden things going on including the random, alarming reds which mimic a racing mind. The scratched lines and marks are a suggestion of the concerns that keep the cycle going. Beneath the busy-ness is a hint of of calm, teasing and taunting. Today it has a name.

Here's wishing all a restful sleep, especially those who need it most!

Sleep Deprivation
Oil and Wax on Cradled Panel