Bottles Part 3

Although I have played with over 50 paintings of random bottles and adding some other containers, I am still exploring. I am going to revisit them all and try to accomplish a finish to each. Sometimes letting the painting in process hang out a while on the wall gives me a fresh way of looking at what can be done to make them complete, or complete for now! Thank you for looking and your comments or suggestions are welcomed!
15" x 22" Mixed Media on Paper
I like that this one is becoming questionable as to what it really is?
15" x 22" Mixed Media on Paper

I am enjoying the prompts "what if?", "what now?", "what next?".
Have a good day!

New Work: Bottle Series Part 1

I have taken a break from posting, but not from painting. It appears my time is spent researching, drawing, and playing with concepts, colors, or really messy paint! When I first started painting, I just knew I wanted to learn to paint, but really didn't have a subject matter in mind. Just paint! After almost 8 years, I have gone in so many directions, it makes even my head spin! What I have decided is only what I don't want to paint, realistic portraits, folk art, and waterfalls! Probably a few more, but I will stop there. What I have decided is to play with series, and boy do I have about 8 of them going right now! And I like to abstract whatever it is! So first I will post some from my bottle series. And sometimes the bottles become people or buildings or whatever. But it has been fun and I have over 40 now on paper with acrylic. These were started from drawings, adding paint and more line work.
15"x 22"
Mixed Media on Paper

Red Bottles
11"x 15"
Acrylic and Ink on Paper