Day 7 of 30 - Color and Lines - January 7

Artist Kathy Elliott  #oilandcoldwax # abstractart
Color and Lines
5" x 5"
Oil, Cold Wax, and Ink
Continuing with a study on paper for a future possible! "Possibles" are what you set aside when you are starting to pack for a trip according to my brother-in-law! Especially useful when planning an art trip! "Do I really need this? Maybe, maybe not, but there may not be a chance to get to an art store if I do!" I digress....

Anyway, a possible painting is kind of in the same league. Maybe this is a jumping off point for a painting. It might be the colors, which are not usual colors I choose, or it might be the line work, which is usual for me. And of course, there are those figures that keep appearing, so I feel the pull to jump in and do that! Having color studies is useful when I hit a wall, so for today I will stop and ponder!