Challenge 30 in 30 - #3

Coral Forest
14 x 11
Oil and Cold Wax on Paper
This is the third of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I am a little behind all ready because I am!
Holiday Monday. Housekeeping, art wise and housekeeping, house wise, and drawing class. I think that could also count as 30 in 30 so I will post a snippet of what I liked about last nights drawing below! Feet, always a challenge. I love the feel of the charcoal and what it does on paper!

portion of life drawing

Spark of Madness

Spark of Madness
Oil and Cold Wax
12" x 12"
Spark of Madness was accepted the 5th Annual National Juried Encaustic/Wax Exhibition sponsored by The Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, NewMexico.

The show is on display October 3rd through the 31st.

This was a fun piece with brighter colors that my usual palette plus a lot of line work and scraping to top it off. Oil paint mixed with cold wax is such a scrumptious medium to play with. You layer and spread creamy paint mixed the the wax, next you scrape some off and add more in. The paint seems to seep through when you don't expect it from precious layers. It has a history all of its own.

Day 17 of 30 - Cerulean and Quin Gold Study- January 17

Cerulean and Quin Gold
8" x 8"
Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas 

When I was younger I remember colors names, like hot pink, or sky blue, or amethyst.
When I hear those words, I envision the color in my head. Perhaps this is similar to walking into the house and smelling chocolate chip cookies baking. Kind of a sensory thing you feel, smell or see if the memory is triggered. I love the colors of turquoise, and teal and cerulean. I can tell an artist friend the color of the sky today was Cerulean and they know exactly what I mean, even if they would argue and say it was more like ultramarine and white. Blues are my calm place, they make me feel alive and free. I love to add other colors with them, but the blues have it! This is just a playful study and I called it Cerulean but I know most would disagree and say it is more turquoise, but thats ok. I like the way Cerulean rolls off the tongue and today I will pretend it is Cerulean!

Day 15 of 30 - Neutral and Red Study - January 15
Neutral and Red Study
8" x 5"
Oil and Cold Wax on Cradled Panel
Starting with turquoise layers and building up to many colors, this was then covered with some of my favorite neutrals, including Titanium Buff, Unbleached Titanium, and Pale Grey (which is not really a grey, but more in the beige grey tones). Scraping back after the layers set a few days, the red tones were allowed to simmer. Some of the turquoise is also coming to the surface, so I will let this study rest and see how it looks after the top layers settle in.