Day 30 of 30 -Sept 30

Alpha to Omega! Finis'! Conclusion! However, it is just the beginning. The first time I did the challenge in January 2014, I felt relief when it was over, but I was proud to have completed the goal. This time, I feel as if I have just opened the door, or window. I have more ideas and loftier ideals! Who knows, next time I may paint bigger! Or ban the color blue - oh my! Thank you, Leslie, for hosting this challenge! Thank you to my fellow artist friends for sharing your paintings, techniques, and kind words of support and encouragement. You have opened my eyes, and I do hate good byes! So for now, I will just do a Happy Dance!!! Thank goodness I don't live in a glass house!

Collage of the thirty paintings - Sept. 2014

The Happy Dance
Oil and Wax on Panel

Day 26 of 30 - Sept 26

The idea for the painting from Day 25, Looking In, came from another one I had done with a lot of windows. Looking In was cropped from a portion of that painting and redone, but not exactly, just a similar feeling and some repetition with colors. Today's painting is a portion that I deconstructed from Looking In. I actually cropped the photo of the painting, zoomed in, and used it loosely as a structure to begin the painting process. This painting is done with acrylic so I could have more control. The oil and wax medium allows colors to seep through and change as they dry whereas the acrylic is somewhat more predictable. I love the simplicity that came with cropping in closer and leaving extra details out!
Looking In and Out
Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

Day 25 of 30 - Sept 25

One of my teachers taught a way to decide if a painting is working is to take a small viewfinder and move it around the painting to see if each part works. Often I discover a section I like that may or may not end up in that particular painting, but it becomes the springboard as an idea for a new one. That is how this was born. Layers of color and wax. Lines and more color. And more lines, almost geometric. This one I will also deconstruct to see if there is another small section to enlarge for the next canvas. Have a good Thursday!
Looking In
Oil and Wax on Cradled Panel

Day 24 of 30 - Sept 24

Coral is a living organism in our oceans in danger of being depleted because of environmental changes and human abuse. It is a highly controversial topic and agencies that could regulate and protect the coral reefs have failed to make this happen yet. The role of the coral itself extends far beyond its use in jewelry and design as the coral reef is so important to the ecology, protection for the coastline and the marine life to the use in drugs used to fight HIV and cancer, and more. It is also believed to have innate healing properties.
Red coral is considered a stone of passion. Creativity and optimism are also qualities that coral brings out. Emotionally, coral brings inner peace, strength, and understanding of purpose. I love coral and all it represents. And, of course I love the exaggeration of the reds juxtaposed with the blues of the sea. Today, I salute Red Coral! 

Red Coral
8" x 8"
Oil and Wax on Panel

Day 21 of 30 - Sept 21

This painting I have named Uptown Blues, only because the images are not as tall as the ones in its sister piece, Downtown Blues, that you will see tomorrow! Yes, I doubled up today! The first few layers are very dark, then I layered many neutrals, tans and creamy off whites. Next, I started cutting into the neutrals and carving lines and then covering the lines and scraping back, smooshing things around, adding more color ..... it goes on forever! Yes, I do love the process!

Retirement doing something you love is just the icing on the cake, next to grandchildren hugs that is!

Uptown Blues
Oil and Wax

Day 20 of 30 - Sept 20

Although I do like color, I really love neutrals. I went for a walk yesterday and was mesmerized looking at the variations and striations in the concrete and asphalt. We have a lot of that in Dallas, no pine trees, rambling streams, or majestic mountains to look at like other places I love to visit, so I tend to look more at my feet! But even the stains and marks combined with textures and other minutia are intriguing. Old crumbly buildings and deteriorating surfaces have the same appeal. When I started painting, I did not know what to paint. I sometimes used other peoples photos because I was so used to looking but not seeing. I am working on this! Seeing and feeling the place! 
There is so much that can be read into things that are falling apart. There is still an innate beauty. If you see a crumbly, scraggly looking place, please send me a photo!!! Have a good day!

Peeking Through
Oil and Wax on Panel

Day 19 of 30 - Sept 19

I have fallen in love with cold wax as a medium. The mixture of oil and wax has an empowering air to it. It can be spread thin or thick, scraped back when wet or dry, carved into, stamped on, and pushed around. A little solvent brushed, wiped or dribbled on it changes it's properties and as I am learning, it can have a mind of its own! Using oil and cold wax is like a new experiment every time.
It's refreshing! Have a good Friday!

Rivets and Blues
Oil and Wax on Panel

Day 18 of 30 - Sept 18

This small piece is just playing with value - lights and darks. The first layers are very dark, next came then the blues. But it was still just lots of darks.

Along the way, I decided to lighten it up and make it more neutral. Then it came alive like a city at night, with the florescent lights and the dark skies. Maybe people are out there celebrating, like maybe even celebrating a birthday! If it is your birthday, I hope it is a great one!!!! KK. :)

Night Watch
8'" x 8"
Oil and Wax

Day 16 of 30 - Sept 16

This painting has in its background four generations of what I thought were really it, done, finis! I hung it at each of its four completed stages, took final photos and stepped away. At the end of the day, I just felt it was wrong. I lost track of its roots but comparing photos I found all four of the paintings little birthmark. About 5 little horizontal dots in the same place. I know the tool I used and it signified the lineage. Sometimes my paintings seem to reveal people in the background and in this one, they have returned. They speak to me and tell me move on, you are done......

I may tweak it a bit. But today, I am done!

Four Generations
Oil and Wax on Cradled Panel

Day 5 of 30 - Sept 5

I could play with this painting for days! The cotton mesh fabric, similar to cheesecloth but much more pliable and soft, has been embedded in oil and cold wax. Next, the material has been molded and altered, stretched and torn, sculpted, painted, and scraped. What is left is a puzzle.  This has changed directions so many times, and it definitely has a mind of its own! Reminiscent of an active toddler, I will let it rest for now. Time to take a break and observe for a while!

Busy Water
12" x 12"
Mixed Media