January 1, 2015 - Perceptual Openings - Happy New Year - Day 1 of 30

New Years Resolutions. Well, I decided to do the 30 Paintings in 30 day Challenge again, this will be my third time. The first was January 2014 and I posted resolutions. I am excited, I actually accomplished some of them, a blog, a web site, and the 30 day challenge!
 From January 2014
  • Goal 1. Create 30 paintings in 30 days.
  • Goal 2. Complete the unfinished paintings in my studio.
  • Goal 3. Start a blog to keep track of my accomplishments, and failures as well, since I learn with each!
  • Goal 4. Create a web site. And a blog.
  • Goals 5-100. To be determined as each day evolves!
This time I have two ideas to explore. First, I have been cleaning my brushes or tools on squares of paper with leftover colors from other paintings, and I am going to start by working these into small somewhat finished paintings. Secondly, I plan to look at some of my finished paintings and dissect them into parts that I can develop into new paintings. Sometimes zooming in, I find a lovely little area that I want to enlarge to be its own painting and that has been quite fun! I have been noticing two reoccurring themes in my work. The first involves entryways including doors, windows and other passageways, and the second involves emerging figures, sometimes so subtle it even surprises me! Let the process begin!
Happy New Year!
Perceptual Openings - Artist Kathy Elliott   http://kathyelliottart.blogspot.com  #oilandcoldwax # abstractart
Perceptual Openings
5" x 5"
Oil and Cold Wax on Arches Oil Paper