Bottles Part 3

Although I have played with over 50 paintings of random bottles and adding some other containers, I am still exploring. I am going to revisit them all and try to accomplish a finish to each. Sometimes letting the painting in process hang out a while on the wall gives me a fresh way of looking at what can be done to make them complete, or complete for now! Thank you for looking and your comments or suggestions are welcomed!
15" x 22" Mixed Media on Paper
I like that this one is becoming questionable as to what it really is?
15" x 22" Mixed Media on Paper

I am enjoying the prompts "what if?", "what now?", "what next?".
Have a good day!

New Work: Bottle Series Part 1

I have taken a break from posting, but not from painting. It appears my time is spent researching, drawing, and playing with concepts, colors, or really messy paint! When I first started painting, I just knew I wanted to learn to paint, but really didn't have a subject matter in mind. Just paint! After almost 8 years, I have gone in so many directions, it makes even my head spin! What I have decided is only what I don't want to paint, realistic portraits, folk art, and waterfalls! Probably a few more, but I will stop there. What I have decided is to play with series, and boy do I have about 8 of them going right now! And I like to abstract whatever it is! So first I will post some from my bottle series. And sometimes the bottles become people or buildings or whatever. But it has been fun and I have over 40 now on paper with acrylic. These were started from drawings, adding paint and more line work.
15"x 22"
Mixed Media on Paper

Red Bottles
11"x 15"
Acrylic and Ink on Paper


12" x 12"
Acrylic on wrapped Canvas
My latest paintings have had figures appear, pretty much wonky shaped people. It has been fun starting a painting with many abstracted shapes and multiple layers. Next, I look for images. When I find something to develop, it is then a process of addition and subtraction, eliminating part of the busy abstractions in the painting while bringing up some to make the shapes interesting and curious. And of course, adding lines and covering them up, because I love line! Sometimes, I think the images are people, or they remind me of bottles lined up on a shelf.  Possibly, they could be people that look like bottles or bottles that look like people. Or maybe they are just fun shapes. This is today's departure!
Drawing seems to be the key. But even more important is looking and seeing . It reminds me of looking at clouds and playing the game of "what do you see!"

April 22 - What Do I Really Do with My Time?

The days goes so quickly and sometimes I need to just stop and reflect on what I have done. Besides enjoying my family and playing with my three precious grandchildren, I have spent a lot of time painting, drawing and experimenting. Starting with January, [text deleted, a whole lot of text!]..... Ok.... I had to put it all down her, but when I looked at what the last four months looked like, I decided, nope..... I can't let it be known how much time I really spent doing art, looking at art, entering shows, taking classes and workshops, spending money on supplies, etc...... blah, blah blah.... nope, you would think I have no other life! By the way, I am having way too much fun and this is my life!!

Spring brings a lot of juried shows to enter, and I am excited to report I have received more acceptances than regrets! (a good sign!)
Two of my paintings also received awards and this makes the process even more exciting, although to me, just being accepted is a reward in itself. The paintings are shown below with the information about the show and the award if there was one.
Between Friends
14" x 11"
International Society of Acrylic Painters On-Line Show
Fourth Place
Walking Side by Side
14" x 22"
Texas Friends and Neighbors (Irving, TX)
First Place Acrylic
(woo hoo, a blue ribbon!!!)
Among Friends
14"x 22"

Texas Visual Arts Association Show Citation
Mixed Media
14" x 22"
Texas Visual Arts Association Show Citation

I continue to draw from models with guidance, a lot of guidance, and that seems to be sneaking into my work, mostly unexpectedly, and often a big surprise. I still have lots of layers and scrape back in, playing a game of push and pull, add and subtract, and more often than I care to admit, I just cover it up and start over!! Although these are all on paper, I am also playing with oil and acrylic on canvas or panel. Thanks for dropping by!

Untitled. Acrylic on Paper

12" x 9"
Acrylic on Paper
I have taken a break form posting but not from painting. I am finishing a short online course where we painted 100 small and not necessarily finished drawing/paintings. Layers and layers of paint and scraping back into the surface are some of the techniques used. These are done with acrylic on paper from Dick Blick that is 90 pound and very inexpensive. It has a nice weight for simple studies and the more paint you layer on as well as matte medium, the nicer and more like leather the paper becomes.
It has been a fun exercise and a a nice diversion from the weather. I hope everyone is starting to thaw out!

Day 28 of 30 - Study 4 - January 29
Study 4
12" x 9"
Acrylic on Paper
The last section of the larger painting is shown here. I have an app called Value Viewer I like to use when I think a painting is almost to the point of stopping before I go too far, as in add too much or totally paint over and start again. Value Viewer lets you view the image in several ways including Notan - just black and white, grey scale, or modified values. The slider allows you to modify the values somewhat. I use it mostly to see if I have a good balance of lights and darks and if your eye follows these areas to keep you inside the painting. You can do some of these same things with your camera with the Black and white or sepia options. That is my next step with these four paintings and I will post those tomorrow.

Day 27 of 30 - Study 3 - January 28
Study 3
12" x 9"
Acrylic on Paper
This is the third of the dissection of the larger painting. This one really shows where alcohol was sprayed on one of the layers while the acrylic was wet. I need to tone that down a bit. I like to be able to look at a painting and wonder what created the texture, not thinking to myself, that is bubble wrap, that is corrugated cardboard, that is alcohol. It is a challenge to figure out how much to cover and scrape yet still keep that mystery of what caused it. This is my challenge for the next step. How much to tone down? The last of the four will be posted tomorrow. But I will keep tweaking them I have a feeling!

Day 26 of 30 - Study 2 - January 27
Study 2 - January 27
12" x 9 "
Acrylic on Paper

This is the second part of the series being developed from the large painting as I mentioned on yesterday's post. There are a lot of layers and I have a feeling I may continue adding and taking away before I finish. I like working all of these at the same time so that I can keep them on the same page, yet different. Often I like to start a large sheet and develop it with the end goal of cutting it up into it into about 4" x 4" or  4" x 6"  and attaching it to cards. I have discovered some beautiful paper cards with envelopes made my Fabriano at Dick Blick,

Day 25 of 30 - Study 1 - January 26

I am going to finish off the challenge with a few studies on a large sheet of watercolor paper that has been layered between colors with matte medium. The matte medium allows me to lift layers with alcohol and go back to a previous step, like a redo button on a photo editing program. This is a piece I have been trying to solve for a very long time and end up doing another layer or dissolving a layer. I plan to dissect the piece into smaller sections and hopefully create four smaller works that are complete, yet will hang together as a cohesive grouping.

Day 23 and 24 of 30 - Opening Act - January 25

Opening Act
28" x 22"
Mixed Media on Paper

I have been traveling so I got a little behind this last week. I will continue to do 30 paintings however not this month!
This one is another playful study using heavily textured paper with gesso and matte medium, many layers of paint, many lives as usual, and then covering up with neutrals, and finding hidden images.

Day 21 of 30 - In Process - January 21
In Process
20" x 20"
Mixed Media on Paper
I am working on building negative shapes out of the abstraction. I have been motivated by seeing others subtle figurative work, I have been drawing live models for a while now, and it is time to just dig in, I suppose. I had fun with it and it isn't done but thought I would post the process as I go.

Day 19 and 20 of 30 - January 19 and January 20

The City Beneath the Sea
"30" x 30"
Mixed Media on Paper

I'm posting this painting today as a substitute in the challenge. I have had trouble posting to challenge this week, it seems like the site is so slow loading that it times out for me. Plus, I am at a workshop so painting in larger formats and will have finish a bit more before I post them.
This painting is in a juried show at Denton this month, VAST-125. It has many layers of acrylic, plus lines in everything imaginable from graphite to pastel.

Day 18 of 30 - Study in Rhapsody - January 18

Kathy Elliott Art
Study in Rhapsody
12" x 9 "
Acrylic on 100 pound paper

There is nothing too precious about this process, but I like what I see happening . And the name means  nothing.... just a study using my favorite blues and others!

I really have been painting every day, but nothing to completion. We celebrated Ella's first birthday and how fun that was! In the meantime, I also delivered 34 small pieces for the two person show at the Crumbzz in Forney. I can't wait to see the show hung, but had to leave town for a workshop in the morning, which is like an artist retreat! Life is good!
I just decided to post one of my studies I am doing in a class I am taking. We start with really wet paint and cover the page. Then we quickly go into the paint with a graphite stick and make marks. Next, using another piece of paper, we lift the wet paint. Step two is to cover some of the paint and marks with transparent, opaque or translucent paint and create layers and depth. It is so much fun, I started two new canvases with this method and will finish when I return next week.

Day 17 of 30 - Cerulean and Quin Gold Study- January 17

Cerulean and Quin Gold
8" x 8"
Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas 

When I was younger I remember colors names, like hot pink, or sky blue, or amethyst.
When I hear those words, I envision the color in my head. Perhaps this is similar to walking into the house and smelling chocolate chip cookies baking. Kind of a sensory thing you feel, smell or see if the memory is triggered. I love the colors of turquoise, and teal and cerulean. I can tell an artist friend the color of the sky today was Cerulean and they know exactly what I mean, even if they would argue and say it was more like ultramarine and white. Blues are my calm place, they make me feel alive and free. I love to add other colors with them, but the blues have it! This is just a playful study and I called it Cerulean but I know most would disagree and say it is more turquoise, but thats ok. I like the way Cerulean rolls off the tongue and today I will pretend it is Cerulean!

Day 15 of 30 - Neutral and Red Study - January 15
Neutral and Red Study
8" x 5"
Oil and Cold Wax on Cradled Panel
Starting with turquoise layers and building up to many colors, this was then covered with some of my favorite neutrals, including Titanium Buff, Unbleached Titanium, and Pale Grey (which is not really a grey, but more in the beige grey tones). Scraping back after the layers set a few days, the red tones were allowed to simmer. Some of the turquoise is also coming to the surface, so I will let this study rest and see how it looks after the top layers settle in.

Day 14 of 30 - Treehouse - January 16
5" x 5"
Oil and Cold Wax on Paper
I'm still playing with leftover paint and small paper. The colors in this one were created by layering and seeping through, all except the reds. They didn't change much. It is like a chemistry experiment when I let them sit a day, often something comes out and I have no idea what colors were mushed together or how it came to be, much to my chagrin. Because if I wanted to make sure I came up with that again, or if I wanted to make sure I NEVER came up with that again, I do not have the information I need.

Day 13 of 30 - Two or More - January 13

Two or More
5" x 5"
Oil and Cold Wax on Paper

This little study has been evolving and changing this week. I thought it was done but then started adding and taking away, so I had to redo and rethink. I see people in here and it reminds me of lyrics from a song in the 70's I believe. Without thinking about songs I cannot remember very well,  I like the colors and the contrast,  and I will stop for now.  There are several portions that I will crop and make into a larger painting.
When I first started painting, it was hard for me to come up with "what" to paint. Now, I cannot paint all the ideas in my head and balance the amount of time in a day!!! And when I look at other's artwork, it makes my mind do more questioning of "what if?" Or as my almost 3 year old grandson likes to say all the time, "why not?"